Brand Management

The Image of your company as perceived by your target audience is called Brand Identity. We know what keeps it healthy.

UX Design

Design thinking is a process coined by Jake Knapp that uses methods such as Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test to generate solutions for a product in a user centered way.

Design Sprints are often used to improve the outcome of product launches or upgrades.

Digital Editing / Desktop Publishing

The industry standard Adobe Creative Suite provides the tools to edit or customize any form of digital material, from 2D Vector concept art and Pixel based Photo Manipulation to 3D Modelling and Texturing, Video editing and much more, allowing our team to tackle a wide range of technical aspects and deliver integrated results.

The correlation of the creative output with the supporting media platforms and preexisting content is called Desktop Publishing, and it encompasses all the technical details of a very fast passed environment.

Marketing & Media Planning

Navigating trough the media platforms in order to reach your target audience as well as sending a coherent message are challenges that our marketing savvy team will gladly tackle.

*The services are not for sale, we are just bragging.

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