The content has adjusted to its new environment: Live Social Media.

Today is not about creating the perfect content, it’s about creating real content that your audience can engage with. If you are transparent and authentic with your community, it will help you get an emotional connection that will help your brand get closer to the user.

JungGi Kim was live on Facebook

If you don’t know him yet, I’ll take a chance and try to describe him in one sentence: he is simply one of the best graphic artists in the world!

15.5K followers on Twitch

“This time around, I wanted to express more than blues would allow. Each track throughout the writing and production process conformed to no specific genre and called upon an array of my favourite artists. From J.J.Cale and B.B.King to Bowie, Lana Del Ray, and Mos Def.”

🔴LIVE DrDisRespect on YouTube

Beahm’s on-stream persona is usually ruthless, quick-witted, and bombastic. He is often regarded as an entertainer in the streaming industry, rather than a “professional gamer.” ESPN describes him as “a WWE character in the competitive gaming world”, and he has himself said “I created a character who plays multiplayer video games, and he’s considered the most dominating gaming specimen.”*

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